Document control

Use cloud storage to keep control of your documents. Get reminders when tasks and documents expires.

Safety Management & ISM

We deliver a complete system that covers everything in the ISM code, please contact us for references.


Take control of your maintenance with hour meters, intervals, checklists and simple handling of storage parts.

Deviation Management

We have made it really easy for employees to add deviations. You can use your phone, tablet or computer.

CCOM Marine

Benefits of choosing CCOM.

Trough years of experience along the coast of Norway, we have learned how to manage our customers’ needs in term of document compliance, safety management and maintenance.

Our system is used on all kinds of vessels from 8 meters to over 100 meters.

  • Web based and can be accessed on any devices
  • Very flexible and ready to be built after your demands and specitifactions
  • A good fit for all types of vessels
  • Offline mode for areas with bad reception
  • Features the option to pause when vessel is inactive
  • Notifications per e-mail or sms when certificates or tasks expires
  • All you need in one place. ISM, Document Compliance, Maintenance, Risk Assesments, Deviations, Crew module and much more. Get in touch with us for more info.


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A fine selection of the customers using safety management in CCOM