Experience the power and versatility of CCOM X – our state-of-the-art maritime management software.

From its humble origins of serving fishing vessels, CCOM X has expanded into a multifaceted system, catering to everything from fishing boats to well boats, tankers, and passenger ships. Whether you manage a small skiff or a fleet of over 100 vessels, CCOM X provides the tools you need for effective fleet management.

Here you have many modules that together give you very good control over your entire operation. Everything from document management module, maintenance module, crew and competence module to purchasing and medicine module.

Core Features


Direct access from any web browser.

Offline solution

Offlinesolution that generates a local network on the vessel, to secure full interaction between the departments.

Tailored Access Control

Whether managing one vessel or hundreds.

Fully Scalable

Customize the system based on your needs.

Suits All Vessel Sizes

From small skiffs to large ships.

Offline Mode

Ideal for areas with poor internet connectivity.

Pause Function

For when the vessel is stationary.


Receive reminders via email or SMS for maintenance or certificate renewals.


Document, discrepancy, maintenance, certificate, IHM, inventory and medicine, crew, risk assessment, rest period, and more.

Word like experience

Build procedures like you would build them in word, directly on the application.

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